Areas of Expertise

Ambientare, área de atuação Energia


We take part in several licensing processes for the Electrical Industry, carrying out studies on environmental impact and implementing programs to control and monitor for projects for generation and transmission of electricity, such as: Small Hydroelectric Plants, Hydropower Plants, Wind Farms, Transmission Lines and Power Substations.

Ambientare, área de atuação Indústria


We operate in the environmental licensing of industrial units of all sizes and sectors, proposing actions to mitigate environmental impacts and making production processes environmentally viable.

We work in the all stages of the process, from the feasibility study of the activity at the proposed location, including the entire environmental licensing process – preparing the studies required and conducting the mediation between entrepreneur and environmental agencies – up to the implementation of the monitoring programs throughout the operation of the project.

Ambientare, área de atuação Infraestrutura e Transporte

Infrastructure and Transport

We have sound experience in environmental licensing and supervision of transport infrastructure works, such as: Highways, Waterways and Port Terminals.

We follow and offer support to licensing activities for the supporting areas of these types of projects, namely: mineral deposits, construction sites, asphalt plants, lending areas and clear-outs.

Ambientare, área de atuação Mineração


We work on environmental licensing, control and monitoring, which include the evaluation of the quality of water and air, monitoring of land noise and vibration, in addition to the elaboration of recovery programs for degraded areas.