Auditing and Environmental Management

We customize the entire process for environmental management and licensing of projects with competent environmental bodies. We work on the operation, supervision and execution of environmental initiatives, in addition to planning activities in the pursuit of environmental quality management and project excellence through the implementation of procedures that make the ISO14001 certificate possible.

Consultancy and Environmental Engineering Projects

We present proposals and provide consultancy services in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, for the development of engineering projects aimed at the treatment of sanitary and industrial effluents, atmospheric effluents, as well as storage and final disposal of solid waste.

Environmental Feasibility Studies

We provide clients with technical reports and budgeting of environmental costs after having carried out a preliminary survey, consisting of assessment of environmental constraints and significant impacts resulting from the implementation of a project.
Our studies support entrepreneurs in the correct economic assessment of projects and propose optimization and cost reduction, in addition to assisting investors in energy auctions. We also perform environmental studies for Hydropower Inventory, Basic Design and Technical and Economic Feasibility Study.

Environmental Licensing

We carry out studies, reports, environmental projects as well as the management of the licensing process, in line with environmental legislation, from the initial phase to the expedition of preliminary licenses, licenses for the installation and operation of the project, in addition to monitoring the environmental restrictions required by competent bodies.

Environmental licensing is a legal obligation prior to the installation of any project or activity potentially polluting or detrimental to the environment, and one of its most significant features is social participation in decision-making, through Public Hearings, which are a part
of the process.

Environmental Monitoring and Control

We carry out the whole environmental monitoring process by means of data collection, study and continuous and systematic monitoring of all environmental variables, which directly or indirectly, exercise influence on the environment.

Concerned about all these variables, either environmental, social or institutional, our team is prepared to carry out a wide range of environmental-oriented actions throughout the deployment and operation of the project, related to environmental supervision of engineering works and implementation of environmental plans and programs in the areas of environmental education, media, monitoring of social and environmental indicators, wildlife rescue and recovery, monitoring of water quality, among other activities.


We use geoprocessing in environmental licensing and monitoring projects, providing clients with digital cartography, mapping, compilation, analysis, interpretation of satellite images and aerial photographs as well as production of thematic maps used in environmental studies, which assist in environmental analysis and management of projects.

We also present information for decision-making on urban, rural, and environmental problems, conducting complex analysis by integrating data from various sources and creating geo-referenced databases for the client.